Time to grow up and get some style…

Ever meet someone one that has literally have NO sense of style? They wear leggings everyday with crazy prints of them.They can’t do a proper “messy bun” and they had to google what winged eyeliner was. They have collections of onesies, sweat pants and high top sneakers. Oh, and this person also cannot pluck their own eyebrows to save their life.

Ya, I know a person like that….I am that person! I pretty much dress like I’m 14 and I’m in my thirties. And since I’m in the confessing mood, I also do not know how to properly blow dry or straighten my hair, I don’t know what bronzer is for ,  I don’t know how to wash my make up brushes, or how to make a high pony tail.

Now before I go on I want to make something clear. I don’t think I’m flawed, ugly or less of a woman because of these things. I don’t personally believe that I need a face full of make up, perfect hair and a flawless outfit to feel beautiful. I am very content in my  heart PJS, my messy hair and my make up free face.  I very much enjoy my carefree approach to fashion. I kinda don’t give a f#*^ about the latest trends or craze. The reason, I have “get a sense of style” on my goal list is simply because I WANT to learn to do my own make up, dress a little nicer and straighten my hair properly for the days when rainbow leggings are just not okay.


This is my “HELP!!” face…

I  want the choice wether to get glammed up or be lazy. I want to now how to put a Pinterest worthy outfit together.

You see,In my dream life I am the CEO of my own amazing knitting company. Also, I have an amazing walk in closet that make Barbie jealous, so I need to fill this closet with pretty clothes. When I’m all in a super important meeting with some knitting company or I’m at a glamorous party, I kinda wanna look like I know what I am doing. I want to be taken seriously. And no one takes you seriously when your wearing Batman sweat pants and its looks like a 3 year old did you eyeshadow.



My make up haul from wal-mart….now to figure out how to use it all!

I LITERALLY do not know how to do any of this “girly” stuff, yet I dream in the colour pink and I secretly wish I could put glitter on everything. I don’t own a pair of heels or a little black dress. So, although I will always choose PJS and knitting over parties and fake eyelashes. One day, when I’m on a night out with my girl tribe I want to look amazeballs. I don’t want someone to take pity on me and apply my make up for me when we are getting ready. I want to do it myself because, thats what bad ass knitting CEO would do. They would look like a million dollars and when the day is done they go home and chill, in their rainbow pjs.

So,  here’s the plan!

I’m going to be “researching” on YouTube, and Pinterest I will be watching, reading, pinning and taking notes! Basically I’m trying to find the best tutorials, outfits and hairstyles that match what I’m going for. Think fun, colourful and awesome. It also has to speak to who I am. Meaning there is gonna be a whole lot of pink.

I’ll be looking for outfit combos and trying to find something similar to add to my wardrobe! Online shopping, anyone? Then I’ll be using tutorials and books to improve my make up and hair skills.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 9.04.54 PM.png

So to give an you an example, this is my Pinterest account. It’s awesome by the way.. but I have a bunch outfits, hairstyles and make up ideas pinned on there…( and a whole bunch of knitting stuff too).

There is one outfit In particular I’m trying to recreate and I’m halfway there so far.


Jean Jacket Girl!

Jean jacket, London bridge girl is pretty much how I envision myself. I already have the jean jacket and grey shirt…So, now I need black ripped jeans, the sandals, the bag, and the sunglasses So, this month I’m scouring the internet to find those items to make this outfit complete!

I’ll probably be also working on pink hair, and a kick ass make up routine so, trust me you are gonna wanna stick around for that..cause in all honesty, there’s probably gonna be some epic fails!

In the meantime thought does anyone know where I can get some black ripped jeans?? I need them badly!!

Lots of love!!



Confessions of a Clueless Housewife.

Okay, I got an confession to make. I do not know how to do the whole housewife thing. I suck at cleaning, my style involves leggings, pjs or sweatpants, and when it comes to meal planning my answer is ALWAYS take out Chinese food. I would much rather knit all day than fold laundry but, every once in a while I feel like I want to do the housewife thing and organize my life. I dream of a spotless house, my meals pre planned and not burnt and my outfit is flawless and wonderful. My only explanation for this multiple house wife personality is maybe I was both an amazing 1950s housewife and a feminist who burned her bra in my past lives.


So, as we all know, The first step in fixing any problem is to admit there actually is a problem. sooo here goes nothing…I SUCK AT BEING A HOUSEWIFE. There I typed it, in all CAPS too so, you know I mean it!

Now, that the confession part is over, its time to start a new chapter and learn how to actually gain some housekeeping skills.  As I have said before, in my dream life I have a cleaned, organized and beautifully decorated home.  Since I happen to be home all day knitting, I might as well put some effort in to gaining house keeping skills to start to fulfill my dream…that is until I can actually afford an organizer, interior designer, cleaner, stylist, make up artist and to have Chinese food delivered every night.

How do I plan on doing all  that? With books of course, and by books, I mostly mean audiobooks. If your following along, the paper or pdf copy of these titles will do just fine. It just so happens to be, I have yet to master knitting and page turning at the same time, hence the audiobook obsession.

Anyway, I have a list of titles I think will help me on my way to becoming a little less of a slob and a little bit more Martha Stewart. The plan is to read ( listen) to these titles and use the ideas in these books to better my life and of course, I’ll be blogging about my progress or lack there of along the way.


 The Reading List

The Sidetracked Home Executives By Pam Young and Peggy Jones.

I have actually listened to book many years ago and although it was written in 1980s, I remember this book being funny, cute and inspiring. I don’t think I ever really threw myself into the cleaning schedule they suggest but, this time around I plan to give it my all  with the “index card system” .

Clean My Space By Melissa Maker

I found Melissa ( a fellow Canadian) by accident one day on You Tube. I actually adore her and her awesome videos. She has recently released a book called Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning  Better, Faster and Loving Your Home Every Day. So I will ordering my copy and giving her suggestions a go.

CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy Baby Steps By Marla Cilley aka The Fly Lady.

I actually attempted the widely popular fly lady system before with some mild success. I have not however, read her latest book so, I think its time I give it a shot!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing By Marie Kondo

Again, I have some experience with this book and I find the ideas Marie presents increbily inspiring. I would love my house decluttered or maybe even become a minimalist and have my house stay that way so, I am very willing to give this magic another go.

With these 4 books, I am hoping I can somehow develop my own personal system of cleaning, decluttering and orgnazising that makes my life less stressful and more like my dream life.

If you have read these books or have great cleaning tips please comment and let me know! I love hearing other people experiences with this. I will blogging each week with my progress so, please feel free to subscribe to stay up to date with the posts!

Keep Smiling and Thanks for reading!